I can’t breathe
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Title Image

I can’t breathe

Acrylic on canvas, June 2022

70 x 100 cm

This painting is a Time Capsule , 9 min and 29 seconds. Life and death in the same frame, the same space. There is innocence and hatred, there is peace and war, there is time and space, there is simple and complex.  This painting is a black hole, if you stare too long you might enter this scene and once you enter. There is no turning back , you are part of it, the black and the white, the sky and the ground, the flat line and the dancing line, the light and the dark. In this painting you need to pick a side, you can’t just hang in there and get away with it, you can’t stay in the middle, and if you side with the truth you will die, if you want to live, then you have to embrace the lie and somehow wear it on your face , wear it like a police costume, a costume of power, pretending you defend the weak, the poor, the needy , and you have all this power to unleash , this power that is calling upon you , and that will make you a killer hungry for blood, hungry for black blood .


TO BE AUCTIONED. Proceeds to be donated to Black Lives Matter Network Foundation Inc.