Fractal Portrait IV
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Title Image

Fractal Portrait IV


Acrylic on canvas, July 2022

4 canvas of 30 cm x 40 cm each

10 years after Fractal Portrait III, I am back with the polyptych concept. 4 panels, each showing fragments of a face. The panels are meant to move, there is no order of displaying them. No chronology, no ranking, no clockwise, no left to right, no ascending or descending or other. The lines, the curves, the ellipses, the various geometric shapes are brought to life by the collector and not by the artist. The collector becomes the artist and art is created in his brain and through serendipity.

Through the various iterations, the panels become an exploration, a laboratory for human feelings, the emotions that inhabit our faces, fear, joy, doubt, sadness, frustration, hope… and all the blurry boundaries that exist between them.